Why Oil-X?


Premium quality made in Germany

For us, Germany is a land of ideas. This applies particularly when it comes to research and development of lubricants. Coupled with the claim to match highest quality criteria in every step of production, we produce our premium motor oils, you can trust 100%. From the development of the lubricant formula on motor tests to bottling, all made in Germany.

Approved by leading car manufacturers

Oil-X professional motor oils meet the quality standards by leading car manufacturers such as Volkswagen, BMW or Mercedes. By choosing Oil-X you can rely on proven motor oil quality for your car. Under the menu item "Products" you will find detailed information about the approvals.

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Sold by dealership professionals

Oil-X motor oils are sold only in brands-linked car dealerships. Here you will find the quality of advice that ensures that you use the right motor oil grade for your car to avoid engine damage. Oil-X professional motor oils delivered by professional hands with the target, that you can travel carelessly to your destination knowing that your motor is long lasting protected.